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A little something about…

I am a lucky, lucky girl. I get to do voiceover and on-camera work for a living. It’s mostly commercial work, though there was that one moment where they opened on my face in the Josh Kornbluth movie Haiku Tunnel. Right at the start of the movie! And then… you never saw me again. So much for “Woman Listening To Quiet Storm” 🙂

I love bringing material to life that might be considered to be, well, dry. I’m your girl for medical, bank-ese and other explainy stuff. Oh, you’ve got something with more character? You want me to cry? I can go there. Over-the-top-thrilled mom of a kid about to finally go back to school after a verrrry long summer? Yup – gotcha’ covered. Explainer Videos that are somewhere in between? Check!

It’s my goal to make you and your business look great and leave you feeling great about your decision to work with me. I do my best to give you a quick turnaround, complete with pickups if need be.

Off mic, I love to swim, bike, run, lift, cook tasty food and hang with my honey, our dog and our friends.

Voiceover Credits…
Conflicts Upon Request

Commercial/TV/Industrial/Film/VR Product Credits Include…
Intuitive: By The Numbers – Patient (Industrial)
Basecamp at 2K: Tag Team – Voice & MOCAP – Random Woman (Game)
Sutter Health: Patient Welcome Video – Patient (Industrial)
Wells Fargo: Payments Vision – Restaurant Patron (Industrial)
Caseology – Old Sue (Commercial)
Novartis: Rydapt – Wife (Trade Show VR)
Adobe – Kitchen User (Industrial)
Tena – Featured Extra/Cyclist (Commercial)
Intel: ACE Project – Happy Customer (Industrial)
Lumosity – Ali (Commercial)
Agero – Tanya (Industrial)
Coca Cola: Performance Management Calibration Training – Next Level Leader (Industrial)
Theravance: Study Drug – Nurse (Industrial)
Cisco – Entourage (Trade Show)
The World’s Most Astonishing News – Teacher, Mother (TV)
PG&E Ethics Video: Jeannie’s Game – Jeannie (Industrial)
Haiku Tunnel – Woman Listening to Quiet Storm (Movie)
DeLonghi Espresso Machines – featured (Commercial)

JKFU Counselling Center – Client
College Board – Mom, Teacher
Siemens Medical Solutions – Patient
Safeway – Customer

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Got a question? Drop me a note! In San Francisco, you can reach me through Stars, the Agency.