One of my friends, @justaskjimvo posted to instagram about building a VO booth in which he pointed out that he has a basement (in Northern California?!) and it jogged a wonderful memory for me of how much my dad used ours when growing up back East.

My dad was a very creative man in a job that apparently didn’t use enough of that part of his heart. He used to have a photo lab in our basement, made beer and wine down there (which once exploded, much to my mother’s chagrin,) and built our old Heathkit Stereo there, too. He also taught me how to build a lamp and radios as well as working with me though other science-y let’s-test-the-water-type projects. 🙂 He passed away when I was 11, so this was a wonderful inadvertent gift.

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Voiceover and on-camera talent and triathlete. I love to work hard, play hard, then go romp the dog ;)

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