Rufus the Floofus

Rufus is here! His name still feels a little uncertain – Tim was having a hard time remembering it,  but it’s the one we both agree on and at this point he seems to know it and respond to it. He’s extremes. Extreme PUPPY! Then extreme puppzzzz…. Wild and crazy then straight into a hard […]

One of my friends, @justaskjimvo posted to instagram about building a VO booth in which he pointed out that he has a basement (in Northern California?!) and it jogged a wonderful memory for me of how much my dad used ours when growing up back East. My dad was a very creative man in a […]

Sometimes you’ve gotta “do it for the cookie,” or in today’s case, the latte and pb&j. This weird thing happens when I haven’t done something consistently for a while: I kinda’ forget that I can do it. In today’s case, it’s about riding my bike.  I don’t forget that I have the capability to stay […]